Who We Are

Where We Work

Our five global offices are unique but they all embody our organization’s culture by creating a fun, open, and productive workplace. We don't fill our offices with unused ping pong tables or crazy sculptures, but we stock up with snacks and beverages to keep you energized throughout the day! Open tables and small workrooms mean that you can change your seat throughout the day depending on your mood or the music. Whether you prefer working with extra monitors, adjustable standing desks, on a couch, or out in a common area, there's something for everyone.


Portland, Oregon

Love the Pacific Northwest? So do we! We renovated a historical bank downtown that’s over 100 years old. We kept the vaults and added hidden rooms and floating offices to create a unique, inspiring workspace.


San Francisco, California

In the heart of the Financial District, our office has panoramic views of the SF hills and frequent visits from our old friend Karl the Fog. Be in the action of the tech mecca scene and enjoy the cultural city while working with our outgoing team.


Ironwood, Michigan

SF not your thing? Work with our amazing UP team in Ironwood and learn from the best and brightest developers, success team specialists, and more!


Melbourne, Australia

This coastal city is a perfect springboard for servicing our Asia/Pacific clients. Our cheerful and bright Melbourne office is located in a gorgeous heritage building, just minutes from Southern Cross Station.


London, England

Situated in the center of the city’s tech scene, we’re just a two minute walk to Liverpool Street Station. You’ll work alongside our tight-knit team from all over the world in our dynamic coworking space surrounded by innovative thinkers.

Around the World

We’ve got remote employees dotting the globe from New York to New Zealand and Minneapolis to Madrid. If you’re happy where you are, we can make it work!


Meet Our Team

From San Francisco to Portland and London to Melbourne, we’ve got one hell of a team that just can’t stop growing. We’re collaborators, innovators, friends, and for a month each year, travel buddies. Meet our diverse team of Expensifiers!

Meet OUR Team