working at expensify

Growth & Mentorship

Expensify is a company without limits. Rather than establishing hierarchies and assigning titles, we’ve created a space where you can carve out your own path and be supported by those around you. We learn from each other and we all have the opportunity to directly impact our product. 


We believe that the only ladder worth climbing is the one you've chosen and built yourself. Whether you build your ladder by learning new skills working across teams or deep-diving into specific pieces of the product is up to you. We also don't spend any time managing people in their day to day. We train new team members and then set them loose to meet their responsibilities as they see fit. You have the freedom to structure your day so you can do your best work. 


While the path is your own, there are many people dedicated to helping you out along the way. Each of us has the option to choose a mentor from any team, and decide how frequently we want to meet. You get one-on-one support in working towards your goals, without a manager hovering over your shoulder. This helps us maintain a relatively flat organization, but ensures that we’re all invested in each other’s success.


Our goal is for everyone to have the chance to reach their full potential and provide recognition for all the great work that’s being done across the company. So we created a system to match achievements with a corresponding perk. Successfully mentor a coworker? Awesome, now you can visit each of our global offices once a year! Speak to a room of 1,000 people? Fly business class everywhere you go. The sky’s the limit around here, but we love to celebrate you on your way up.


Meet Our Team

From San Francisco to Portland and London to Melbourne, we’ve got one hell of a team that just can’t stop growing. We’re collaborators, innovators, friends, and for a month each year, travel buddies. Meet our diverse team of Expensifiers!

Meet OUR Team