Teams & Leaders

We give everyone equal access to the information and resources of the company so that you can pursue your own life goals. We don’t put walls in between people or ceilings over their heads. 

As a flat organization, we follow two basic rules: Get shit done and Don’t ruin it for everyone else. Everyone is trusted to get their work done, with the knowledge that these two rules contain both freedom and responsibility. 

Loosely structured teams

Some teams at Expensify address long-running functions – like Engineering or Marketing – but new teams form and disband regularly to respond to ever-changing needs. Your primary duty is to balance your competing projects and responsibilities, including personal growth, in a way that adds value to the larger Expensify team.

Leaders emerge, they’re not chosen

We avoid titles because they tend to define specific career paths and create unhealthy competition among employees, but we do have leaders. However, leaders aren’t appointed from the top-down – they emerge by their actions. You can become a leader in a number of ways, whether by the wisdom of experience, a record of good judgment, or a deep, demonstrated commitment to your responsibilities. One important distinction is “leader” doesn’t mean “boss” at Expensify. You’ll never report to a leader, you’ll only report to the people next to you. 


Meet Our Team

From San Francisco to Portland and London to Melbourne, we’ve got one hell of a team that just can’t stop growing. We’re collaborators, innovators, friends, and for a month each year, travel buddies. Meet our diverse team of Expensifiers!

Meet OUR Team