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Making expense reports not suck is surprisingly difficult. It’s not enough to just have a couple servers and a snazzy design -- it actually needs to do some pretty amazing things, quickly and reliably, on a global scale. We do the hard work so customers won’t need to. All Mac laptops, all Linux servers (Salt managed). jQuery, React, PHP 7.0+, HTML5, single-page design, Github-based deployment process, Logstash, blah blah. It’s hard to get excited about off the shelf tools, but when we use them, we pour the good stuff.


Yet Another Phone Library (YAPL)

Go native when you want, stay portable for the rest. YAPL is our own mobile framework, written in Java and Swift, that wraps a JavaScript engine for cross-platform business logic with native UI controls for real-time performance. It works on iPhone, iPad, and Android.


We created the first receipt-capture technology with SmartScan to truly automate the expense reporting process, then came out with SmartRides to make travel easier. We’re constantly rethinking business travel and expense reporting to make things faster.


We're using gamification and artificial intelligence to smooth out the kinks in expense reporting. Much of this is done through Concierge, a virtual assistant that will help you make travel reservations, create your expense reports, and help troubleshoot any errors with your expenses.

Credit Card Import

We import billions of dollars of transactions from hundreds of banks around the world. While useful for managing and reimbursing company expenses, this also produces a massively interesting dataset that can be used in an incredible range of ways, and we’re just scratching the surface.


Our own messaging framework that allows for massively customizable, laser focused messaging to individuals and groups. If you like the power of Eloqua or Marketo, you’re going to love what we can do.

Integrated Travel

Email your travel receipts to us, and our parsers will extract even more data to produce summarized views, travel reminders, real time flight alerts, and more. Our Trips feature tells us where you’re going before you get there, part of our long term vision for the company also known as ambient computing.

Redundant Redundancy

We use AWS for some things, but the real magic happens on our own servers. Every server has redundant NICs and PDUs. Every datacenter has redundant firewalls, switches, databases, power, and internet. We have three datacenters, any of which can die in a fire without service interruption, thanks to our own real time WAN replication technology.


Built in-house, Bedrock is a networking and distributed transaction layer built atop SQLite. We designed Bedrock as a simple, modular, WAN-replicated data foundation for global-scale applications so that we (and thousands of others) can create faster, simpler, more reliable processing transactions.


Meet Your Future Crew

From San Francisco to London, we’ve got one hell of a team that just can’t stop growing. We’re collaborators, innovators, friends, and for a month each year, travel buddies. Meet our diverse team of rockstars who are eager to rid the world of expense reports that suck!

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