Why Work Here

It seems like every start-up brags about the joys of working in San Francisco, and everyone claims they're the best.  Here's what in particular is awesome about us:


We're changing the industry

Expensify introduced mobile receipt scanning to the expense reporting space. Now, its basically a required feature in the industry. We innovate and Fortune 500 companies scramble to keep up. On the surface it might not look exciting, but we're taking a universally hated process and making it great for everyone.


We make very cool technology

Not for its own sake. But when the best isn't good enough, we go beyond. Cross-platform mobile, real financial technology, distributed transactions, serious encryption — you'd be surprised.


We sell a real product

We have paying customers and considerable revenue. We’re not building a pretty toy to sell off down the road, we've created a tool being utilized in the hottest startups and public companies the world over.


We have a lot of fun

When we aren’t working, we’re most likely grabbing beer from our keg, playing some chess or making inappropriate jokes. We get weird, travel together, play together and genuinely enjoy each other. Check our blog!